What type of work have I been involved in?

I have done a great deal of interesting work during thirty years in Japan and the US. 
Illustration & layout for a monthly magazine. Essay and illustration for various News Papers.
Posters, Catalogs, Costume designs and Styling for photo shooting.  
Textile design for Home Decor, cotton print and polyester print. Sewing Patterns.
I have had group shows and one man shows at galleries several times in Japan and the US. 
I have enjoyed all of this work in each occasion.
I’m looking forward to many more challenging opportunities with my artwork.

I am < an Artist < a Licensed Fabric Designer < a Graphic Designer

< an Illustrator < a Poet < a Sewer < a Mother < a Woman

My attitude.

Keep continuing. Make it happen. Create “One of a kind”
I believe what I see, I don’t believe what people say.

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